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  • professional coaches with stage and coaching experience
  • individual counseling and adaption to suit your needs
  • different pricing packages - for large or small events
  • Passion, joy of music and 1,000 instruments with a mouth



"Even after the event, we felt that our staff were absolutely in the beatfever! It was incredible fun and the coaches have done a very good job. I would recommend you and the team at any time."


"Absolutely professional service, quick reactions and a program for every company."

Cordula Deike, Secretary Plus GmbH


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We have been inspiring countless events for 10 years. We converted beatboxing to a showable and entertaining show event. The fascination comes from the incredible speed and the recognition of familiar songs that we can produce.

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Beatbox Show Booking


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Our team consists of the best and most famous beatboxer from all over the world. Our locations are regularly Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

We have more than 10 year experience in event management.


Our services:

  • stage-experienced artists with different styles of music
  • individual counseling and adaptation of the show to suit your needs
  • different pricing packages - whether your event is large or small
  • passion, fun and 1,000 instruments in a mouth



Artists for events


  • Our artists will begin with a personal introduction and a brief introduction to the topic of beatboxing. After that he starts with the inspiring show. At various stages he will present incredible sounds and music forms.
  • Upon request, a workshop can also be performed with different levels of difficulty.


  • Solo show: 20 to 30 minutes, multiple showcases possible


  • The scope of the show is independent of the number of participants. We have already been able to inspire 5 up to 10,000 people with our show.