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  • professional coaches with stage and coaching experience
  • individual counseling and adaption to suit your needs
  • different pricing packages - for large or small events
  • Passion, joy of music and 1,000 instruments with a mouth



"Even after the event, we felt that our staff were absolutely in the beatfever! It was incredible fun and the coaches have done a very good job. I would recommend you and the team at any time."


"Absolutely professional service, quick reactions and a program for every company."

Cordula Deike, Secretary Plus GmbH


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Loopstations are mostly know for guitarists, but the beatbox scene has found these intelligent machines for themselves. The music with-the-mouth has developed into a own type of music. Our beatboxer produces with his loopstation device his own band. He mixes different songs with his voices and noises and can replace therefore a DJ. The combination of show and danceable music fills every dance floor.

Beatbox 2.0 - the vocal DJ !


Live-DJing with a Loopstation - book now

With our experience that goes beyond 10 years, we can flexibly adapt our show to your event.


Beatboxer with loopstation


Our services:

  • stage-experienced artists with different styles of music
  • individual counseling and adaptation of the show to suit your needs
  • different pricing packages - whether your event is large or small
  • passion, fun and 1,000 instruments in a mouth


Beatbox loop station looper


The beatboxer fills the dance floor with his loopstation and maintains the event in an innovative way. Equipped with a microphone and looping device, he creates distinctive program. During the program, the audience will be thrilled with imitations of popular songs to own compositions. Offering a varied music program will appeal everyone.

Time frame:

The program lasts 20 minutes to 2 hours and can flexibly be adapted to the conditions of your event.