Experience an interactive and innovative team building event and reach a new feeling of belonging for your team!Jetzt Beatboxer buchen!

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passion, joy of music and 1,000 instruments in a mouth



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The musical teamdrumming concept for your incentive event or company outing

With our alternatives to traditional teamdrumming we create new experiences. All participants will learn being a part of an overall composition. Our trainers promote mutual and open communication of participants. They will learn to interact with each other on the same wavelength and that a solo only works if it is arranged with the team. We conduct innovative team building ideas for your corporate event.


Our teambuilding supports the willingness to cooperate, communication skills and strengthen the sense of community. The development of each employee of your company is important for us. Having fun at work and caring contacts with colleagues is extremely important for the work-life balance of each employee. Step out of the ordinary, everyday environment and experience something special. Team building with music promotes the intelligence, but also the creativity and learning capacity.

Our specific objectives of team building:

    • promote social-communicative abilities in your team
    • increase the efficiency of a group
    • improve internal synergistic effects
    • analyze and optimize communication structures
    • focusing on perception and appreciation of the participants
    • motivation and identification with the corporate brand
    • reflection of the cooperation process and adaptation in daily activities


Training methods

    • interactive trainer input, active participation and creation of a discussion platform
    • individual, partner and group exercises for developing and practicing the basic techniques
    • mutual exchange of experiences and feedback techniques of the participants



In a systematic way the issue Beatboxing is brought to the employees. After an initial showcase the coaches starts with exercises of the roots and shows first own beats. Participants are interactively involved in the program and experience the initial creation of sounds and music. In small groups, songs will be developed with the participants. During the collective teamdrumming seminar, having a fun time with colleagues is the main important issue.




The concept allows the integration of up to 10,000 people. Depending on the time frame, we can work with a large group or several small groups.


Time frame

The program can be adjusted from 20 min up to 5 hours flexibly to the conditions of your event.

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