• professional coaches with stage and coaching experience
  • individual counseling and adaption to suit your needs
  • different pricing packages - for large or small events
  • Passion, joy of music and 1,000 instruments with a mouth


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Creativity. We equip your events with an unique character with unprecedented showacts. We provide the necessary input and exemplary scenarios for the design of your event. From a conceptual sketch, we form an exciting event concept.

Experience. Through different fields and industries, we have acquired a repertoire of design options from which our customer benefits. In the field of beatboxing we are professionals: workshops, team building, incentives, trade shows and loop station shows.

Innovativeness. Do existing in a new way. We help you breaking new grounds. Not infrequently, our guests leave our events with a catchy tune and new experiences.


Beatboxer buchen!


Design and development stage

Efficiency. Once the idea is constructedt, the message is converted into a concept and a ​​capable of show. We have clear principles: focus on customers and provide brands in the foreground. Our experience coupled with the inventiveness of our team allows an optimal conception and adaptation to the needs of customers.

Goal orientation. There are many ways to create an event. Using pre-built examples we can respond to the customer really quick and start off by providung suggestions.

Budgeting. By scalable show concepts, we are willing to assume your budget restrictions, without lowering the quality of our show.



Perceptibility. The aim of each event is the direct, human emotion and intense experience that will be remembered. During the event we will provide you with our experiences with words and deeds.