"Even after the event, we felt that our staff were absolutely in the beatfever! It was incredible fun and the coaches have done a very good job. I would recommend you and the team at any time."


"Absolutely professional service, quick reactions and a program for every company."

Cordula Deike, Secretary Plus GmbH


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Are you looking for something special and extraordinary, but still do not know how to give your event a real twist? Beatbox Interactive will make your event special. We inspire our audiences for more than 10 years with a special focus on interactive events.

We will customize our show to your needs and provide you with a professional presentation for any event. Whether you are planning a corporate event, team building or you need a refreshing change to your booth activity. We will help making your project an unforgettable event. With our Team Building option, we create a new sense of belonging for your employees!

Interactive team building and more exciting ideas!

Beatboxing is the art of creating a music instrument, a whole band or even a whole orchestra only with the help of the mouth. The latest songs on the radio are played back only with the mouth. We put this experience together as an individual and innovative show. Please contact us, let us know what your plans are and we will help you creating something great. We organize a selected showact for you, teambuilding or workshop and organize all other required resources.

If you do not have a concrete idea, we would like to inform you about our diverse variations:

Option 1: Beatbox Teambuilding

Option 2: Beatbox Showact

Option 3: Beatbox Workshop

Option 4: Beatbox Loopstation

Option 5: Beatbox Trade show

Option 6: Individual - we satisfy your wishes!